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We arrived in hotel at the evening. The following morning, we felt free to sleep…
We toured the focal marketplace with Mark Gleeson ! We canned talk with the dealers and savoured some delicacies. Wonder insurred : we discover a wide variety oftéléchargement produces of the Australia’s south : vegetables, fresh fruits, meets without hormone, for the handmade cheese. We made use of the opportunity for brunch and we don’t ate at midday. 

We visited the North Terrace, the boulevard the most elegant of Adelaide which host the most important cultural institution of the city. It’s an avenue bordered by many trees. There is the Convention Center, the state’s parliament, a casino but also an Australia’s art gallery. We went to the South Australian Museum

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The 30th, we advantaged to the stores and beachs at the morning and next we afforded a little spin on the Adelaide’s hill prior to made our packs for leave this town toward Melbourne !!   téléchargement (4) téléchargement (3)

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